Children’s Technology Review

Children’s Technology Review, an online magazine, is designed to keep parents, teachers and librarians up to date on the latest children’s interactive media products. The database contains 8,800 reviews, ranging from websites, video games, mobile phone apps to Facebook plugins.

These are mostly commercial products, with copyright dates that range from 1985 to 2010. At Children’s Technology Review website, you can access to their YouTube channel to watch various evaluation videos about latest children’s interactive media products. They review all forms of interactive media of interest to children, from early childhood to 15 years.

Usually, Children’s Technology Review favours software that is easy to use, child controlled, has solid educational content, is engaging and fun, is designed with features you’d expect to see, and is worth the money.

Children’s Technology Review adopts six categories to review and rate a children’s software including Ease of Use, Childproof, Educational, Entertaining, Design Features and Value. For instance, for educational category, the software will be rated by questions (What can a child learn from this program? What do the walk away from the experience with that they didn’t have when the first came to the experience?) The review outcome help parents, teachers and other target groups keep in mind what it takes to make a quality children’s software title.

Summaries of the reviews are posted for free on the website.

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